What is a Volunteer?

A special person who lends a helping hand, a listening ear, offers care and support to those in need.  They dedicate their time, energy, skills and knowledge to make a difference.  Someone who is caring, generous, thoughtful and selfless.

About our volunteers

Volunteer Support Network

Specially recruited, trained and supervised volunteers support all components of the hospice programme. Some volunteers help support patients and their families while others help with reception, administration, computers, drivers, fundraising, Day Programme hosts, flower arranging, baking & preserving, knitting, biographers, gardeners, housekeeping or car cleaners.

Why Volunteer?

You will feel a sense of purpose, meet new friends, and learn new skills.

Volunteering is a great way to strengthen your ties to the community and broaden your network

Together, as a team, we will work hard and get the job done to ensure hospice palliative care continues to be freely available in our community.  

Our HospiceShop Retail Volunteers and HospiceShop Warehouse Volunteers

Te Kahu Pairuri Hospice Taranaki's five retail HospiceShops are staffed with the support of a huge team of skilled and dedicated volunteers. The contribution of volunteers enables Hospice Taranaki to raise vital funds so care is available for patients and whānau within the Taranaki Region.

Hospice Warehouse on Borrell Ave, New Plymouth has a large team of skilled and dedicated volunteers, using their various backgrounds to assist Hospice make the most of each and every item donated.

Learn more about volunteering in our HospiceShops

To become a volunteer - we need you!

  • If you are interested in volunteering in a retail HospiceShop please click the link here
  • Te Rangimarie and/or in the community, then please contact Lianne McElroy at Te Rangimarie 06 753 7830 or email  Lianne McElroy  to arrange a time to meet.
  • Biographies, then please contact the Support Services Manager - Stacey Marshall

If you are not sure how your skills might help then please contact Lianne McElroy either with a call (06 753 7830) or email lianne.mcelroy@hospicetaranaki.org.nz

Current vacancies
  • Gardeners – Tuesday mornings at Te Rangimarie. This role includes pruning plants, weeding, planting and looking after our vegetable garden. Together we try to keep the gardens looking tidy and colourful for the patients and whānau to enjoy.
  • All HospiceShops & New Plymouth HospiceShop Warehouse are looking for volunteers - many varied roles, it is ideal if you are strong/strength to carry donations of boxes and furniture around. 

Special Skills

If you have any specialist skills which you think may be of help to Hospice Taranaki, please contact Lianne McElroy either phone 06 753 7830 or email Lianne