Wishlist - What we want and really need

Wishlist of essential items for quality care to be provided

Te Kahu Pairuri Hospice Taranaki is an essential healthcare provider of palliative care in our community. The services, which look at all aspects of wellbeing and hauora, are free of-charge-to anyone of our patients needing support. In the coming year we will provide care for over 650 patients and their whanau.

Patient care is provided in any place that person calls home, we provide specialised home equipment, this equipment based on the personal preferences will help maintain a patient’s dignity and quality of life.

The year has been one of very limited capital spending and new service development as we focused on core services


Our patients may be more comfortable for long periods in a bed during their illness journey. 

Need, reliability, comfort and value for money are all considerations made before we purchase beds, beds with mattresses systems of air alternating.

Air alternating will provide regular durations of pressure relief and stimulation of blood flow to all skin areas – a combination that creates an optimum healing environment for pressure injuries or fragile skin. 

The bed and mattress are easy to set up and operate, which is great for us to transport to the patient as their needs arise, the mattress comes in a protective carry bag for storage and transport.

Aeria8Pro Mattress for our patients in the community $5.089 (price December 2022 and excludes GST)
Push and Ready Bed for our patients in the community  $1,725  (price December 2022 and excludes GST)



La-Z-y boy chairs have long been considered decadent seating – they are decadent because of the comfort the user feels sitting or lying back in a la-z-y boy. Known for their outstanding back support and maintaining its shape longer – for a patient this means a la-z-y boy chair is an essential piece of equipment. A patient can spend long periods of time sitting in a la-z-y boy chair, often sleeping or napping.

Lazyboy chair for our patients in the community $2,179 (price December 2022 and excludes GST)

If you wish to talk to us about how you can support our needs with equipment - please contact Rose Whitaker... 027 589 8771 or 06 7537830 email: rose.whitaker@hospicetaranaki.org.nz