Kaiawhina (Cultural Support)

Guidance and Support

Our experienced kaiawhina is available to patients or anyone in the whanau who would like cultural support.

  • Our kaiawhina can meet either at your home, at Te Rangimarie (Hospice in-patient unit), on the marae or in another setting.
  • Patients may wish to talk about cultural and spiritual needs; our kaiawhina may be able to offer guidance around tikanga Maori (cultural practices), planning for future care and tangi hanga (funeral)
  • Kaiawhina can help with whanau hui (meetings), karakia (prayer), waiata (song), cultural advice and support.
  • Can provide linkages between whanau and community groups, Marae, Ministers, kaumatua. 

Meet our kaiawhina - Alice Doorbar. You may contact Alice by phoning Hospice Taranaki 06 753 7830

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