Hospice Awareness Week

This week is Hospice Awareness Week - how does Hospice help?

Hospice is not a place.  It is a service that comes to the patient. providing skilled doctors and nursing, family support, bereavement support, medication and equipment, social work, emotional and spiritual support and symptom management. 

Hospice care is free of charge for patients and their families and over 650 patients and their families/whanau will receive hospice care this year in the Taranaki region.

  • 78% of people using hospice services were cared for at home, last year. 
  • Anyone with any life limiting condition can be supported by hospice
  • Hospice is not just for people with cancer.  Last year 46% of Hospice Taranaki patients had a non-cancer diagnosis
  • People with any life limiting condition - dementia, end stage organ failure, neuron degenerative - can access hospice support. 
21 May 2021