Butterfly Project - Richard Landers

There comes a time in the life of artists when their creativity begets recognition; and with that recognition comes an expectation that the artist should now “give back”.

This idea came while the very first butterfly evolved from my studio…

Butterflies are a strong symbol of life. They embody endurance, change and hope, which can remind us of renewal and rebirth. 

In the likeness of the Butterfly we may find joy in life and simplicity and balance on our own flight path.

Each singular Butterfly employs light, line and balance, combined with the use of glass to spark an almost kinetic display, which alters with the light, or the perspective the piece is viewed.

Many times I am visited ; or asked to visit the less fortunate to share my work , which isn’t always possible. So the idea for ‘The Butterfly Project’ emerged from their “chrysalis”.

I have produced beautiful three-dimensional limited edition numbered laminated works –symbolising the butterfly and all the contemplative, peaceful, and positive thoughts that butterflies evoke. These works have been produced solely to be shared and bought as fund-raisers for charitable organisations seeking to find funds to make life better for those in our communities less blessed in body or mind.

Big Thanks must go to my supporters  to whom this would not be possible - Renee Landers, Mary Bourke and Rhys Powell Joinery

  Richard Landers

23 May 2019