HospiceShop Donation need to be...

The Hospice and the HospiceShops greatly appreciate all the donations that are made to our shops. However here are some things we would like to draw to your attention.

All goods need to be in saleable condition. Please consider the following before making your donation:

  • Does it have all its parts? (e.g., toys, jigsaw puzzles etc.)
  • Does it have stains? (e.g. clothing, cups or mugs etc.)
  • Is it ripped? (e.g. clothing, linens etc.)
  • Does the zip work?
  • Are there buttons missing?
  • Are there chips or cracks? (crockery)
  • Does it work? (e.g. electrical goods, toys, etc.)

Anything we receive which is not in a saleable condition has to be taken to the Refuse Transfer Station, and that is an added expense which takes away from the good your donations do.

It is because of your wonderful donations that the HospiceShops are able to flourish, and are able to provide so much support to Hospice Taranaki so we can continue to provide palliative care free of charge to the people of Taranaki.

Paul Lamb (CEO Hospice Taranaki) was recently interviewed by Leah Eynon - Drive Time announcer from Te Korimako Radio. They talked about what a good donation is for us, have a listen (it is 7.40mins)


To see goods we good appreciate click here.

10 Jan 2019