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Hospice Taranaki is inviting businesses throughout the province to support it in its drive for future financial stability at a time of increasing demand for tis services.  In what is a first for the Hospice, the organising is launching a project whereby Taranaki businesses can collaborate with the hospice by providing ongoing financial support to sustain the ever-increasing demands on its highly valued free palliative care services throughout Taranaki.  The partnerships will operate by companies providing a modest set weekly donation to the Hospice.  In return, the company will become a recognised supporter on the Hospice website.

At present the Hospice has to find $3.7 million every year or $10,100 every day which will inevitably increase with out aging population and rising  costs to maintain our services.

Our CEO, Paul Lamb, is inviting anyone wanting to know more about this opportunity to phone him on 027 566 4866 or email 

19 Feb 2019

Hospice Taranaki

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