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Leave a Lasting Legacy with Hospice Taranaki Endowment Fund managed by:


Te Karaka Foundation provides a new source of funding for charitable organisations in Taranaki, connecting people and businesses who care with the charitable causes which are making a difference in our region. 

Te Karaka Foundation:

  • is a non-profit community foundation for the Taranaki region - one of 17 in New Zealand
  • Encourages people to give to the causes they care about
  • invests the donations received and each year uses the investment income to support charitable causes in Taranaki. The original donation (endowment) remains intact and grows over time, providing a lasting resource for our community.
  • Continues to honour the wishes of our donors and the purpose of the donations entrusted to us.

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You can download our brochure 'Leave a Lasting Legacy' Hospice Taranaki Endowment Fund please click here

To learn more about Te Karaka Foundation from their website (click here) 

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