A Little and Often

From as little as $1 a day, you can help provide comfort, care and support to patients with a life limiting illness. 

Annual Receipting

Receipts for regular giving are processed automatically at the end of the tax year and posted to you at the address we hold on our files.  Please ensure you inform us if you change your mailing or e-mail address.

Tax Benefits

If you make a financial donation to Hospice Taranaki you can claim part of it back as a tax credit.  You will get a refund, unless you have arrears, or you ask for it to be transferred to another account.  Any individual who makes a gift of $5 or more to a charitable organisation can claim one third of their taxable income or one third of the total donations made in that tax year, whichever is the lesser amount.  For more information about tax credits, please refer to www.ird.govt.nz.

Monthly Donations

Monthly donation s of $30 ($1 per day) will contribute to providing meals for a patient for a day.

Monthly donations of $45 ($1.50 per day) will contribute to counselling sessions for patients and their families/whanau

Monthly donations of $100 will contribute to nurse visits to patients being cared for at their own home.

Donations, small or large, will make a difference.

How your generosity will help provide specialist Hospice palliative care. 

Your donation is used to provide quality comfort, care and support to patients and their families/whanau.  Hospice philosophy of care affirms life and offers dignity and hope, acknowledging the uniqueness of each person and striving to work in partnership to meet patient and family/whanau needs.  Services provided to the patient, who may be in the community or as an inpatient, include symptom management, 24 hour advice, pharmacist, outpatient clinics, day procedures, an activities-based day programme, social work services, family support, carer support, pastoral support and bereavement support.  

Hospice Taranaki is a registered Charitable Trust, founded in 1992 and administered by a Board of Trustees. 

To initiate this, you can set up an automatic payment in your internet banking or, click on this link to select your preferred method of donation. 

Hospice Taranaki

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